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The more detailed your job posting is the better your candidates will be.  

Web Design Freelancers - Home Service Pro VA
Web Design Freelancers - Home Service Pro VA

Things To Keep In Mind

Though this person is performing work for your business, they are working independently from your business.  As a subcontractor they must provide you with a proposal of their services, agreement, invoices, and payment options.  They are not to be added to your payroll, benefit programs, workers compensation or other insurances as an employee would.   

All virtual assitants listed in our directory reside in Canada or the US and charge a minimum rate as outlined in our Terms & Conditions of Membership.  No virtual assistant on this site will charge less than $30.00/hour.

Virtual assistant agencies and placement companies are not permitted to join this directory.  It is important to us that the virtual assistant completing the work recieves fair, full compensation for the work they perform.

If they require help from another contractor on a project this information must be disclosed to the client.

When posting a job, you cannot share a budget for your project or an expected hourly rate.  Just as you do in your business virtual assistants have set rates based on their cost of doing business, experience, and skill.  You will share your needs in the job posting and you will be quoted accordingly by qualified, vetted virtual assistants in your field.

All virtual assistants listed on our directory, are encouraged to have a small prepaid hourly package that they can offer when starting to work with you. 

This is encouraged to help you and your virtual assistant the chance to work together without the worry of a big upfront investment or not being paid for work performed.  If you are not a fit for each other your agreement may end at that time and a new virtual assistant can be found. 

Virtual assistants are required to have a discovery call or zoom meeting with all potential new clients.  It is important that business owners and their VA’s are in alignment and the discovery call is the best way to do that.  You will discuss your needs and how the virtual assistant intends to help you meet this goal.  From this meeting a proposal of services can be sent for your review.

Virtual assistants are required to send a proposal to any potential client they work with.  The proposal outlines the scope of work and should also include an agreement on how to work together, payments, cancellation, and other terms of service.

Virtual assistants are like any other subcontractor of vendor.  Invoices must be sent with a method of payment option.

Popular payment methods are:

  • Paypal
  • Wise
  • E-transfer
  • Venmo
  • Credit Card
  • Direct Deposit (PAD)

Tax laws vary from state to state province to province and country to country.  It is the responsibility of both parties to know when to charge sales tax and on what products.  

All agreements made between business owners and virtual assistants found on this website are made separate of Home Service Pro VA.  Home Service Pro VA will be held harmless of any legal disagreements that may arise during work agreements between virtual assistants and their clients. 

It is very important to us that both home service business owners and virtual assistants have a safe space free from spam, harrassment, or abuse of any kind.  If you are experiencing inappropriate behaviour from a member please email

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