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Our premium Found-For-You Service can help you find the right virtual assistant or freelance contractor for your business.

Decide What You Need

Take a look at your day and decide on the administrative work that isn't serving you. See if the tasks you need done can be outsourced and how to send the work with our VA Readiness Guide.

Share Your Goals

Book a call with us to share your needs, goals, and expectations for a virtual assistant. This assessment will serve as a Discovery Call and will be used to help us find the right VA's to put in touch with you.

Receive Vetted Proposals

Our team will search for qualified members of our directory. You will be connected with up to three contractors to meet with and receive proposals from. Depending on the tasks, more than one contractor may be required.

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What You Can Expect?

Our team will try and place you first with assistants who have completed the Home Service Pro VA Certification.  Verified Virtual Assistants will also be considered if they have proven proficiency in their field for home services. 

You will be contacted by up to three virtual assistants that we feel may be a great fit for you and the tasks you have to assign.  

You can also expect:  

After The introduction

Moving Forward

Each of the virtual assistants recommended to you are expected to share their website or social media, examples of their work, qualifications, experience, and a calendar to schedule a complimentary discovery call with you.    

This phone or zoom call gives you the chance to meet the virtual assistant and decide if you would like to receive a proposal for their service.

If you decide to proceed with one of the virtual assistants, next steps would be:

what happens if...

Proposals Provided Were Not A Match

Our team is commited to finding you the right VA to work with you in your home service business.  If  the proposals provided did not meet the criteria given, our team will attempt to provide additional matches  if possible.

If for some reason we are unable to provide matches to your criteria, we will do our best to find a solution for you or recommend hiring more than one virtual assistant.  

If we are unable to find any matches for you from our database you may be eligible for a refund based on our terms and conditions for the service.

Your questions answered here

Found-For-You Service FAQ

A Verified Virtual Assistant is a Virtual Assistant (VA) or independant contractor that has met the following specifications

  • Resides in Canada or The US
  • Does not work for an agency
  • Charges a minimum rate of $30 in their local currency
  • Has a calendar link for clients to book a discovery call
  • Has completed our verification process
  • Has identified themselves as having experience or interest in serving the trades. 
  • Utilizes clear proposals and agreements for their services

Verified Virtual Assistants are committed to creating a standard in their fields and providing quality and/or specialized services to the home service industry.

Great question!  All VA’s (Virtual Assistants) listed on this site are “Freelancers” or independant contractors, however not all freelancers are VA’s. 

Home Service Pro VA includes Web Designers, Developers, Coaches, Consultants, Trainers, Graphic Designers, Social Media Managers and Bookkeepers.   

Yes! Whether you need a little help or a lot we will work with you to find the right VA or contractor to put in touch with you. 

Knowing you need help is the first step!

Book a call with our team to get started or check out the resources below:  

A discovery call is typically a complimentary call between a client and a freelancer to discuss the following:

  • Discuss the work that is required
  • Discuss timelines for completion and other expectations
  • Discuss how the VA or freelancer can help with your needs
  • Decide if both parties are in alignment and would like to work together

Discovery calls are very important to the process of finding help virtually in your business and all of our directory members are required to have a calendar link in their listing. 

A proposal is a formal recommendation or offer of services from a virtual assistant to a client.  They are essentially a bid on the tender you have put together for the work required. 

Proposals should clearly outline the Scope of Work discussed during the discovery call and pricing for the scope of work to be completed.

Yes, agreements are very necessary.  They do not have to be lengthy or complicated but should include details such as:

  • scope or work
  • payment terms
  • confidentiality
  • style release
  • how to work together
  • how to submit tasks
  • cancellations
  • Pricing changes 
  • Additional work 

The proposal will clearly outline how the parties plan to work together and how to handle situations that may arise while working together.

Our Found-For-You Service is strictly a search and introduction of Virtual Assitants and/or Freelancers suitable for the tasks requested.

Home Service Pro VA is not responsible, or liable for any exchanges between client and contractor past introduction. 

All final agreements, submission and or completion of tasks, invoicing, and payments made between client and contractor are to be settled between client and contractor.

Home Service Pro VA is committed to providing a safe space for both contractors and clients, if either party is unsatisfied with one another they are to handle the issue according to the contract terms outlined by the Contractor and/or Client Home Service Pro VA will not be held responsible for the dissolution or failing of any agreement or contract created between parties. 

Once a proposal has been accepted and an agreement signed/payment has been made this service is considered complete and will not be refunded and further placements will not be offered.  

We do our best to qualify our contractors but the decision to work with a contractor from this website is solely the choice of the Client. 

We try our best to have a suitable number of options to present to each client that uses our service.  

If a client feels that a suitable match was not provided they are to notify our support team in writing to and a review will take place.  

Still have questions?

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