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General Administration

Need help with the day to day phone calls, emails, processing requests, scheduling, and other tasks? Find your VA here.

Consultants & Trainers

Are you ready for outsourcing? If you are still working out your processes and need a little help getting ready for virtual help talk to one of our consultants or trainers.

Email Marketing

Create customer loyalty and apply strategy to your season using email marketing. Make sure your customers are getting the right message by using the right freelancer.


The integration of Quickbooks Online can come with a few learning curves and struggles. Hiring a virtual bookkeeper can help you through the transition and keep your books running smoothly.


Advertising on social media can be very costly and if not done strategically it can be a waste of money. Invest in an expert to help you get the return on investment you are looking for.

Social Media Management

Being active on social platforms are an excellent way to collect leads and referrals for a home service business. Achieve consistency without draining your own schedule with a social media VA.

Web Design

Web designers who can capture your brand, educate, and convert leads to customers. Stand out in todays market with a strong website.

Graphic Design

From a logo to a lawn sign, a graphic designer can help you develop an eye catching brand that matches the service you offer. Find a freelancer that connects with your messaging.

Automation & Development

Adding tech to your home service business can help you take on more work while managing rising customer expectations. Hire a VA that can help tie it all together.

Directory Disclaimer

Contractors listed within this directory have been Verified as legitimate contractors.  A verified VA has identified themselves as an independent freelancer or contractor that resides in Canada or The US.  Verified VA’s have been vetted to insure legitimacy by providing our page with an online footprint, calendar link, short video meeting, and have agreed to operate professionally with clients found through this site.  It is the responsibility of our sites users to personally vet, interview, and qualify the skills of the contractors they wish to work with prior to sharing personal, business, or financial information with any contractor.  Skills and levels of competence to serve you in your specific business may vary between contractors.   Home Service Pro VA, its stakeholders, and affiliates are not liable for any agreements made between site users and contractors listed on this directory. 

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