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Independant Contractors & Small Trades Businesses

Are you at  home? look around you… 

If you wanted to add lights to a room, fix a leaking pipe, paint the walls, replace the floors, install cabinets etc. who would you call?  If you don’t have someone at home that can fix those issues, you will have to hire a contractor.  

That contractor you hire, is often times an owner operator, or a technician that works for a small local business.  

A contractors day isn't done when they leave a job

After a contractor leaves your home, they drive to another…

and another…

and another…

This doesn’t leave much time for answering the phone, checking emails, sending quotes, making up  invoices, collecting payments, bookkeeping, and marketing their small business.  

Missed Leads = Missed Work 

how pros help

Help Deserving Business Owners Navigate The Shift

Todays contractors and small trades businesses are being pushed to use technology more than ever before.  What used to be an optional tool in their business has now become a necessity. 

Amazon and food delivery services have given customers high expectations of service that has become impossible for some owner operators or small business owners to meet on their own. 

In order to achieve good reviews and survive in competitive markets this hardworking crowd is forced to start their day earlier or work on their business  until their head hits the pillow before another sleepless night when the day is done. 

Why YOUR Help Is Needed

With the introduction of helpful technology, the trades industry is now able to utilize remote help and outsourcing.  

A contractor or small business owner is no longer forced to do everything on their own, invest in shops or office space they aren’t yet ready for to accommodate in-house help, or be limited to their local job market for the help they need.  

In demand services for the trades include, general administation, phone management, email management, CRM implementation or daily support and monitoring, bookkeeping, social media management, marketing, online advertising, automation, web design, email marketing, coaching, and consulting.  

who works in the trades

Who You Work With

Working with the trades can be very rewarding but may differ from clients you have worked with in the past.  Because this industry is new to freelancing and remote work opportunities they have unique needs and expectations of their virtual help. 

It is important to understand who you will be working with and working with the trades may not be for everyone.  

get verified

What is a Verified VA?

If you feel that you have the skills to serve the home service industry, we want to support you in finding quality clients through our directory.

All virtual assistants in our directory are vetted prior to having their listing published.  We hope to create a minimum standard for the industry and ensure that everyone has fair and equal opportunity to connect with clients.

In order to appear in the directory applicants must:

  • Reside in Canada or US
  • Be an independant contractor.  Agencies are not permitted
  • Have a public profile for your business – website or social media
  • Provide a calendar link for book introductory calls
  • Charge a minimum $30/hr rate in their local currency 
  • Produce a proposal, agreement, and invoice to clients
  • Have at least one payment option for clients
what to offer

How You Can Help

System Development

For ambitious VA's or consultants that love a challenge, many home service business owners need help moving their business out of their heads and into consistent processes and practices.

Phone Support

If you have day time availability, and enjoy talking to customers, many home service providers miss important calls while they are in the field. Many business have low call volumes and want to avoid hiring a call center.

Email Support

Home service businesses often struggle to manage their emails and answer within a timely manner. Email volume is generally low and this should be considered a task as opposed to a stand alone service.

CRM Support

The home service industry is moving towards digital communications and cloud based customer management and scheduling tools. Help business owners make the shift or manage their programs day to day virtually.


Quick Books Online (QBO) is becoming prevalent in the industry because of its ability to integrate with CRM's and other softwares. Help business owners make the switch to online or help them maintain their books.

Social Media

Social Media is a must for home services to collect referrals and other leads. Help businesses keep their social platforms current and educational by offering content, design, and scheduling.

Web Design

A strong website can do a lot of legwork for home service businesses. If you know how to create website designs that rank in Google and capture leads you can definitly help this industry thrive.

Graphic Design

Home services depend heavily on brand recognition. Helping them develop a cohesive look and feel from logo design, branding kits, door hangers, mailouts, brochures, vehicle wraps, decals, signs, etc will help them grow


With the introduction of tech comes the issue of connectivity from platform to platform. Developers and tech VA's can be used to tie together the different systems required to manage the business without effort.

Building a Community

Join The Community

When you join our directory, you join a community of like minded entrepreneurs.  We can’t wait for you to share your experience and learn about the unique service you bring to the industry. 

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