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Tired Of Only Having Access To Your Local Market?

Home Service Pro VA is a directory of specialized, vetted virtual assistants and freelancers with the skills to help you in your business. 

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What is a Virtual Assistant?

A Virtual Assistant or VA is an individual contractor that works on assigned tasks or projects for your business virtually.  

A VA allows you to free up your time to work on what you do best by taking care of some of the following tasks in your business:

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Is Hiring A VA The Right Solution For Your Business...

If you are an owner operator or in your early years as a home service business owner you may not yet be in a place to hire an administrator. 

If you don’t have office space, or a shop, you may be trying to juggle everything on your own which can be exhausting and keep you from the growth you are capable of achieving.

Hiring a VA frees up your time, allows you to develop processes, and saves you from having to take on the overhead expenses that come along with traditional hiring.

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How Home Service Pro VA Is Different

Home Service Pro VA Is Industry Specific –  Our VA’s and freelancers have invested in learning how to help busy home service business owners either as a certified Home Service Pro VA or as a Verified Virtual Assistant

Home Service Pro VA Is Based In Canada & US – If you would like to find a VA in your local timezone, or a VA that has in-person experience with customers in your demographic you have come to the right place.

Home Service Pro VA – Is completely free to business owners looking to hire a vetted and verified virtual assistant.  Find the right VA by searching our directory, posting a job, or using our paid placement service. 

What To Outsource

What you decide to outsource is completely up to you! Below is a list of the most requested services in your industry.  

System Development

Get ready for outsourcing or get organized for growth with one of the System Development Coaches.

Phone Support

An alternative phone solution for small businesses with low call volumes. VA's in this category can help via VOIP programs.

Email Support

Email support is offered by many virtual assistants as a service. Check out our listings for virtual assistants that can help with email.

CRM Support

From CRM coaches to daily administration virtual assistants we have someone that can help manage your home service CRM


Virtual bookkeepers provide cost effective solutions for small businesses. Find the right professional to manage your bookkeeping.

Social Media

From social media planning to design and coaching there are talented, creative virtual assistants to help you with social platforms.

Web Design

Your company website is the starting point for most sales, find a virtual website designer to create a great first impression.

Graphic Design

Find a virtual graphic designer for logo design, full branding kits, door hangers, mailouts, brochures or any other print products


If you have a software dilemma this talented group of developers is here to help connect your tech.

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Virtual Assistance Geared Towards Your Industry

We are passionate about finding you the right virtual assistant to help you with the tasks that are slowing you down.  Join for free and find the right VA for your business.

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